Commission Status: I am currently CLOSED for commissions!

Price: My base price starts at $35 for a basic baby or other small custom and goes up with size, complexity and detail. Each commission is priced individually based on the amount of work that will go into it, so the only way to really know the price is to ask.

What I'll make: Just about anything! I'm always willing to try new things. I'm comfortable with sculpting and painting to just about any level. As you can see from my galleries I do a very wide variety of work, from original designs to character recreations. If you're curious about something and not sure if I can do it, just ask.

What I won't do: As a matter of respect to other artists, I will not recreate a pony that someone else has made. I'm happy to take a design you like as inspiration but I will not copy it. As a matter of respect to my previous commissioners and clients I will not directly recreate any of my previous designs, with the exception of character ponies and sushi babies, who will still slightly differ from previous versions. I'm happy to make ponies similar to ones I've made in the past, but my creations are meant to be one of a kind.

Payment: I only accept paypal and I require payment up front. In most cases I require full payment but depending on the cost and circumstance I might accept multiple payments as long as a down payment is made at the time I take on the commission.

Shipping: Commissioners will be given a postage quote and asked to pay actual postage costs once the custom is finished. 

Working time: I make it my goal to have all customs finished within a reasonable time, but please understand that these are one of a kind creations and can be very time consuming. It may take several months for a custom to be completed. I will be happy to send regular progress updates and you are welcome to contact me at any time throughout the commission process.